Friday, May 7, 2010

Do They Have Doggie Welfare?

Guess who's significant others car is making scary clunking noises and is now in the shop? Aw cheah, this girl right here.

The Man hit a bump or something last night and his car is making too many nasty grind-y noises for him to drive it today (or tomorrow or the next day, maybe we'll get it back Monday?). That means since he has to work he's apprehended my car from me. =(

Text from The Man : "I like this car. U don't get back.
Text from Moi : "Noooooooooooooooooooo (and continuing on for the whole 160 character message)
He that is Him : "."
Me : "OH, my tax check is on the center console thing. Help a sistah out and tuck it in the glove compartment for me plz?"
He : "No. Cashed already. I'm at the bar."
Me : "**Sob** You damn drunk! That money was to feed the babies (i.e. dogs)! What am I going to do? Guess I'll finally go fill out that Welfare application. =("
He : "Sorry, to dkrun to read."

Yep. We're classy.

But really, this whole one car thing blows. Of course it had to happen this weekend. My younger sister is turning 14 next Wednesday. The family is having a joint Birthday/Mother's Day dinner tomorrow night an hour away from here. The Man is going to have to use my car for work tomorrow so I'll miss the dinner (at a great restaurant...). I have a call in to my step-mom to see if something is going on after at someone's house. Hopefully I can get to that. =/

When will I catch a break?

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