Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's allllliiiiivvveeeee....

Oh hai. Gem here.

So remember a year ago when I was all, "So much has changed I'll update soooon!" and then I didn't? I completely forgot this thing even existed. Again.

So much MORE has changed since then. For serial.

1) I was working an outside job and not at The Shop. Did that for a couple months and then The Man changed his mind and wanted me to quit so I could be available 24/7 for the grandbaby.

2) We found and put an offer in on my DREAM house (The Fahm) in October 2011.

3) We CLOSED on our The Fahm in December 2011!!!

4) I spent the month that the house was getting its basic-work-done-to-make-it-livable moving all our CRAP (sooooo much crap). The new house is a hour and a half away from the old beach place. I would take two trips a day with my wagon filled to the brim.

5) OH WAIT. We adopted another dog in December 2010. He's a Boston Terrier mix and was 7 months old at the time we brought him home. He's the best little dude but is nicknamed Mama's Boy because I "broke" him. He's a snuggle beast!

6) We moved into The Fahm on New Years Eve, 2012. We didn't have all our furniture in it yet so we slept on a mattress on the floor of the TV room. I loved the romantic idea of spending the first night in the new house on the first night of the new year. :)

7) The Man and I got engaged in the end of January, 2012! It wasn't super romantic but that's not how The Man rolls. He essentially flipped his great-grandmother's garnet ring at me and was all, "Wanna get hitched?" (the ring fit perfect!)

8) We got married on April Fools Day, 2012. We did the super sneaky, at home elopement thing. We didn't invite any family and one of his lawyer friends married us in his living room. After, we went out for Mexican food and then went home. It was awesome and drama-free and perfect.

9) We went on our third Vegas trip to the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend as a semi-honeymoon. His birthday happened while we were out there too so it was a pretty awesome trip.

10) I have my first garden in at The Fahm. We've had tons of lettuce, kale, cucumbers, some zucchini and one butternut squash so far. And lots and lots of basil.

11) Because of number ten, I've become a pickle making master.

12) We had adopted another dog in Feb after we moved in. He didn't work out and we found him a home better suited for him. However, because of the fights, Stinky ended up losing an eye back in late April. :( I tried for a month to save it; getting up every 4-6 hours for eye drops but it was too badly damaged.

Uhm... So I think that's it for now. That's the basic outlines at least to catch the tons of non-readers I have up. I'm going to bookmark this baby and work on posting a couple times a week. I have so much going on and since we're further in the boonies, even less people to talk to. :)