Sunday, June 27, 2010

He Helps?

Dear The Man,

It's been a month since you've gotten rid of your office in town and starting working out of the house. I appreciate that you want to try to help out more since you're home all the time... But uhm... Yeah. It's really not working for me.

You've started trying to do some of the laundry. I really don't mind doing the laundry, but if it's something you think you can handle...

Did you know that doing the laundry is not just putting dirty clothes into the washer, moving the wet clothes into the dryer and then plopping the entire load unfolded onto the spare bed?

Oh, and the dryer? Throw a sheet in there once in awhile.

When I do the wash, I throw in both of our clothes. I don't go in the hamper and pick out my tee-shirts, socks and undies. I throw yours in there too.

OH. And my nice bras? They don't go in the wash! I'll hand wash them later. The more you mangle them, the more you'll have to buy me. =P

The kitchen. **Sigh**

Have you seen that we have both a trash can AND a recycle bin? Garbage goes in the trash can and recycling (newspapers, magazines, cereal boxes, glass jars, aluminum cans) goes INTO the recycling bin. It's just more work for me when you bring over some stuff for recycling and put it on the floor next to the bin. What is that even about?

Did you know that toast crumbs can be swept into your hand and put in the trash can?

Cereal bowls should be moved from your desk into the kitchen sink.

CDs can be put back in their cases. I KNOW. Amazing.

And lastly, when I get home from The Shop... The dogs ARE going to bark. They're excited. They haven't hung out together all day. I WILL make noise in the kitchen when I'm making dinner. I WILL sometimes open a bottle of wine before you're officially done working.

Need that quiet environment? Go back to town.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Because I So Want To Pack All Our Shit And Move

Update on The Burrow.

We put in offer. They counter-offered. We counter-counter(?)-offered. Also threw in The Man's Harley Davidson as part of the down payment. O_O


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

**Crossed Fingers**

Still in negotiations on The Burrow. That would be the ultimate present though, because...

Today is our three year anniversary! Yay us! Sometimes I didn't feel like we would make it even to here and other times I can't imagine the rest of my life without him.

I got him some fancy, pretty, gold art deco cuff links as a present. Ooo la la!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

When Did It Become Mid-June?

Whew. While I didn't really forget about this blog I kinda would only remember about it right when I was climbing into bed. And for a little while there our internet at The Shop had gone wonky.

Excuses, excuses.

But I remembered today! So much has been going on in the 15 days (!) since I've last posted. Biggest thing? We put in an offer on a house! The house is kinda ghetto and is in really rough shape but it's on a LOT of land. Enough land where we could build a nice home for ourselves, a big barn with maybe an in-law apartment or two, some greenhouses and an orchard. The Man descends from farmers. It's all about the land. I personally would love to be able to grow our own food. I would love to have fresh veggies all winter long. (Oh, and if we get the house I've already decided that I'm naming it The Burrow. Because I'm a total Harry Potter geek and I'm positive there will be a lot of people coming and going since we'll now have the room for them.)

Not so cool lately, Little Girl has been battling some kind of crazy allergies. She's been REALLY REALLY itchy and her fur started thinning. She even developed hives one day... =( She's on antibiotics and I've switched her food. Some dogs can be allergic to grains and since The Man insisted that the dawgs were vegetarians (much to my chagrin) their food had A LOT of grains. I've switched them over to the Natural Balance L.I.D. Sweet Potato & Fish formula (grain-free). They've been on it two weeks tomorrow. She seems less itchy and I think her fur may be growing back in (since I see her all day everyday it's hard to tell if I'm seeing a difference or not...).

Uhm, what else. I haven't lost any weight. That makes me sad. I've been kinda trying. But in the past I've been like, "I wanna lose weight. I'll cut out soda." And BAM. I'd be 10 pounds lighter in a week or two. That's not working now. And I still don't have any energy. I've read somewhere that even if your thyroid blood tests come back as "normal" (which mine are on the low side of normal) you might still need to have your meds upped. I think I'm going to need to break down an go to the doctor to talk to him face to face about it. =/

Anyway. I think that's it for now. OH. I did promise you guys pictures from the Boston Terrier play group! There were 5 Bostons there besides us. It was a blast. =)

Stinky is on the left and Little Girl is on the right.

Four of the other five cuties.