Friday, February 26, 2010

Here I Am, Rock You Like A Hurricane

Alas, no "date night" last night. The Man ended up working on his laptop while I watched Mooseport (funny!). It was basically like every other night. Except we drank PBR. We only drink on the weekends and when we go out. Since we almost went out, beer!

However last night was crazy in the fact that we got hit with a wicked storm. We've been in this weird warm weather pattern lately. I can't quite remember the last time I had to put on my winter jacket when I went out during the day. And this is NEW ENGLAND in FEBRUARY. The storm last night was still just rain but we also got almost-hurricane-force winds. I was quite nervous.

It's odd. Before the dogs I could have cared less about nasty weather. Thunder, lightening, crazy winds? Whatever. Since I've adopted them however, I seem to have developed some weird energy bond with them. Stinky gets really really nervous during thunder storms. Now I do as well. He hates fireworks. Hey, I do too now! Scary wind? Creep me right the heck out. I had a really hard time falling asleep last night which wasn't helped by Stinky standing outside the bedroom door and whining for, approximately, ever. (The Man refuses to let Stinky in the bedroom because he will whine if kept in a crate, won't stay on a dog bed and tries to push The Man off the bed to share it strictly with me. Booger.)

The storm was just downright narsty. Our neighbor knocked on our door when he was leaving for work (at almost 6am...) to inform us that our fence blew down overnight. While I wasn't too thrilled that I was awoken so early I was actually grateful; four sections of our fence blew down. All of which I can't see from our back door. I don't tend to step outside to go around the corner and scan the perimiter before letting the dogs out, so I would have totally missed the massive gaping holes and Stinky at least, would have been looooooong gone before I noticed anything amiss.

I wonder if/when The Man will be able to fix the fence. It's not the biggest deal ever, but having to bring the dogs out on leashes every time they have to whiz is not something I'm looking forward to long term.

OH. Little Girl update.

We had an appointment to bring her in this morning for a follow up visit. The vet's office had lost it's power because of the storm. Luckily they were able to remove her drain by flashlight regardless. =) They're so good to us there.

Okay, well I think that's it for now. I wonder if I'll get a Date Night tonight?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Life the Yo-Yo

Okay. So. Things are kinda back to normal... Ish.

The Man got home last night basically acting like nothing had happened. A little bit of tippy-toeing around some issues, but acting like he does on any other regular night. I asked for some music and he put on the Conway Twitty album, Someone To Hold Her. The first song's lyrics?

"And she needs someone to hold her when she cries
Someone who really understands the way she feels inside
When her heart breaks the tears won't stop, no matter how she tries
And she needs someone to hold her when she cries"

He didn't pick that album on purpose but I sure as hell pointed out his unconscious choice.

Another breakthrough? Since day 1 he has had me get up in the morning to get him coffee. He said he needs help getting up and going so that he can make money. That's part of my job, get him up and out of the house. The coffee thing has always been an issue for me. I don't even drink it myself. I am NOT a morning person. There's also not a hell of a lot of reason for me to be up before him because I get in his way. When I go to shower, he's trying to get in there for something or vice versa. This morning was the first time he's EVER gotten up to get his own coffee. I was able to stay in bed for an extra half hour (which made a HUGE difference for me). By the time I got up he was already showered and eating breakfast. I packed him lunch, we talked about business a little bit and then he left for the office. This was the first time he's been out of the house before 8 in so long. It was bliss. I was able to finish packing up the final eBay packages I had to send out for The Shop, go to the post office, go to the pet store and hit Sam's Club all before I had to open The Shop at 11. Ridiculous amounts of accomplishment.

And this morning he asked me what tonight was.

"Thursday night?"
"Nope! It's Date Night!"
"Really? Sweet! Oh, wait. I'd don't want to leave Little Girl alone until after her drain is out."
"Okay then. Buy beer and we'll stay in and have a board game night."


I'm not going to worry right now about when the other shoe is going to fall.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Good Thoughts Needed to Get Through Today

Of course as soon as I start a blog I get a wicked head cold and had no energy to post for days. I did nothing but lay on the couch with the dogs, watching movies. I should have bought stock in decongestants and tissues.

Feeling a bit better today, which is good. I have too much other things to worry about than the fact that I can't breathe.

Little Girl is under the knife as I type. I'm not nervous of her surgery going bad but I am worried about what her lump is going to end up being. When the vet first looked at her she thought it could be a hernia or a fatty tumor. In the two months since then it's almost doubled in size. I'm terrified that it's a breast tumor.

In September I lost a dog. I had adopted her and knew that she was already 10 years old but I figured that since she was small that she'd be around for at least a couple more years. I was aiming for 14 or so. Just over a year later she started getting sick. It took us two (very expensive) months to find out that she had a brain tumor and there was nothing we could do. We kept her drugged up and comfortable but it got to the point where she couldn't walk or go to the bathroom on her own, so we made the decision to put her to sleep. Two months after that was when Little Girl joined us.

I'm hoping beyond hope that her lump is something benign and/or easily fixable. I don't know that The Man is the kind of guy to go for chemo for a dog. Especially since the last girl cost us so much just a few months ago. He's a champ just for letting me get these unwanted fluff balls in the first place. He keeps saying "Nothing else until we buy a home." and then, "Aw, look Honey! Look how adorable! He/She neeeeeeds a home and a faaaaaamily!"

And heaven forbid if I evoke the name of the grandbaby. "Junior would LOVE him/her!" I'm bad. >=)

Speaking of The Man. His flight arrives at 2pm. I feel guilty. Because of my sickness the house is TRASHED. I'm working on getting up my energy to clean a bit, I'm doing laundry at least. I know how much it sucks to come home to a nasty house but I have a legitimate excuse! In fact, I would call him to leave sniffily, coughy, gravely messages whining that I had no one to make me tea.

Serves him right for going away on business.

Okay, well... Talking about The Man coming home to a nastay house has actually motivated me a bit. Off to do the dishes and... Hmmm... Maybe vacuum? I think I can handle that.

** 5:30pm Update **

Little Girl just arrived home after her "adventure". What's the verdict? The lump was just a massive inguinal hernia! This is the best possibly outcome that could have happened today! That NEVER happens to me. She's obviously way out of it. Between the spaying and the hernia repair she was under anesthesia for 3 hours! That's a lot for a 17 pound critter. The hernia repair left such a large subcutaneous wound that she had to end up with a drain, which we weren't expecting. That should be fun. She'll be getting it out on Friday but until then I get to try to keep her off anything stain-able... OH, and I also had asked them to take a quick look at her teeth because her breath was RANK. Surprise of surprises they found a fractured and rotting tooth in the back of her mouth. They said they probably wouldn't have found it unless she had been asleep. It would have caused some problems later on so it was awesome that we found it today.

So anyways. Good news all around. She's on pain med and antibiotics. Another vet visit on Friday. Need to keep her from moving around much, which won't be easy when all these meds wear off!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's weak and despicable to go on wanting things and not trying to get them. - Joanna Field

Whoa, two post one day.

I was bored and spent a good part of today surfing through random blogs. That said, I really really REALLY want a new camera. The Man throws a customer appreciation luau every November. I got ridiculously sauced at the first one that I attended. The combination of an open bar and his outrageous lawyer friends were too much for my fun-loving 23 year old self. At some point in the night my little Kodak (which took awesome pictures!) got dropped. Insert frowny face here. He promised to get me a new one. Then December arrived and he talked me into quitting my job 'Working For The (Faceless) Man' and working for HIM, The Man, instead. So began my time as housewife/self-employed. Without a paycheck arriving in my name I have to ask The Man for every dime. Not fun or easy for me. I tend to only ask for money for grocery shopping, stuff for the dogs or stuff for his grandbaby (yes, I'm an almost 26 year old pseudo-step-grandma!).

I spend a lot of time pining over things I love/want but don't really NEED. A new camera has been at the top of my list for, well, since the last one broke. I hold off especially since I'd love to have a fancy-shmancy Canon. I want to take breathtaking pictures like are on all the other (quite possibly better, though I'm still new so give me a few weeks) blogs.

My birthday is in two weeks. I would ask for a camera but I also really really want fabric to start my sewing adventures as well as some fantastically awesome shoes that I found on eBay. We're going to Las Vegas in April for the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend. I have only 2 dresses and exactly NO shoes for the trip. Paired with the fact that I can't walk in high heels yet (let alone the 5" ones that I pine for hard core) I keep trying to talk him into getting at least the shoes for me NOW so that I can break them in/train my feet to not self-implode after 10 minutes. And THAT'S all on top of the fact that we have to get Little Girl fixed and a mysterious mass removed on this upcoming Monday.

How'd I pick a sugar daddy who's lacking so much in the sugar?

I kid. He works VERY hard and many many exterior forces come together to keep our budget tight every month. If things go the way he plans however, we won't want for anything within the next few years.

That is, if we don't kill each other first. =P


The Olympics are killing me.

I can't take these late nights. We've been getting so little sleep lately. Normally we're in bed, reading, by 10:30 AT THE LATEST. Because we've been going to bed around midnight, we've been trying to catch up on our sleep in the mornings. Of course this really throws the rest of the day out of whack, not to mention the poor dogs. They're used to breakfast no later than 7am. Now I'm TRYING to wake up at 8, 8:30.

It's only every two years though, so it's worth it, right?!

Today is going to be even tougher. We stayed up watching the Olympics and packing The Man's bags for a business trip. In bed at midnight. The alarm came early at 4:30. Drove him to the airport. By the time I got home I was AWAKE. I think I dozed off at around 8 for an hour or so.

I'm so tired my eyes feel fuzzy.

Then, in a moment of weakness and guilt I decided to bring both the dogs with me to The Shop. Normally I only bring Little Girl and leave Stinkinstien at home. He's a grumpy old bastard and whines the whole day. I usually forget this about once a month and bring him in. It makes for a very very long day. He's better in the summertime because he likes to lay outside in the sun but I still haven't broken him of his habit of barking at everything that moves.

Oh the joy of rescue dogs.

Alright. Well I'm sure this wasn't the most stimulating post you've ever read. But again... Brain. Hurt.

And also, that's how I roll.

2pm Update:

A friend came to the shop which enabled me to take Stinky home. Also gave me the chance to run to Subway for a Deluxe Veggie and some chocolate milk. Word.