Monday, March 8, 2010

When The Cat's Away...

You would think, since I haven't posted in 4 days that something exciting has happened, or at least that I've been busy. Big ol' nope on both accounts. The Man left Thursday morning. I'm not picking him up until 5pm on this upcoming Saturday. 9 Days of no high energy, demanding man. I've shut down. Come Thursday I'll start freaking out about the messy house and unwashed laundry, but I can't get myself to care right now.

Case in point... It's nearing midnight and I'm still awake. I kind of pride myself on the fact that I've turned into a little old lady in the past couple years. I bake bread, own broaches and try to go to bed early. I'm not naturally inclined for that. I would love to sleep until 10 or 11 every morning and stay up accordingly. Life with The Man doesn't work like that however. The earlier we're up in the morning, the better. The dogs also enjoy that lifestyle. I'm the only one who doesn't.

(As I type, Little Girl is starting at me as if to say, "Stop all this foolishness and get yo ass to bed. My 6:30am whining for breakfast is going to come awfully soon there killah."

So when The Man is gone, I enjoy my late night television, ice cream for lunch and not washing my hair for 3 days at a time. It's almost like recharging my relationship-tolerance-battery by pretending I'm single for a few days. So while I miss The Man when he's gone, it's kinda alright.


PS: I also enjoy spending WAY too much time online when The Man is gone. I re-arrange the living room so that I can mess around online and watch TV at the same time (pathetic, I know, but there's nothing better than playing Farmville and watching Clean House at once without craning my neck...) ANYWAYS. I have a new hetero-crush. Amy from An Apple a Day. I'm so in lust with her beautiful lacy clothing, her family's New Hampshire home and her florist job. Want! Her blog does make me ache so badly for a nice camera, however it doesn't make me love her any less. Amy, if you ever come across this here little bloggo and want to take a trip up to Maine, I'll bring you to my favorite antique shop (a good hour+ from where I am, but sooooo worth the trip! OH, and I've totally gotten a rocking straw hat there before!)


  1. I am totally an old lady too (did you see my most recent post?) I have multiple cardigans, crochet, sew, call people two years younger than me "kids," own mountains of costume jewelry, and grumble at passersby. I'm glad I'm not alone in my "old age"! :)

    My fiance and I dated long distance for most of our relationship, so I relate to you feeling like you're single for a few days!

    Thank you for dropping in at my blog recently! I haven't been online in a while, but now that I'm back, I wanted to return the favour. And also monopolize your comment space. Eep!

    Hi! :)

  2. Thanks for the visit! I love being an old lady. It does a body good (and confuses those whipper-snappers).