Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Potatoes and Beer

Happy freakin' St. Pat's day ya'll (I can say 'ya'll' because I lived in North Carolina for two years). I figured today would be like any other day, only with more drinking. I was right, only it is MORE SO.

The day started off with an argument with The Man. Nothing new there. I arrived at The Shop a little bit late. Nothing new there either. I was all working on the website and being awesome until noon showed up and brought with it my friend, Sargent.

Sargent is a really awesome guy. He became a friend when he became a client of The Man. He's fantastic. One of the only friends we have who doesn't just 'take'.

ANYwhooooo... He showed up at The Shop at noon. "Pack your shit up. We're going for lunch."

After a lot of hemming and hawing I finally agreed. I promised not to tell his gf that he was buying me lunch if he promised not to tell The Man that I closed The Shop for a couple of hours in the middle of the day. I left a note on The Shop's door with my cell number and we went on our happy way.

The bar we went to is one of my favorites. The only kinda crappy thing is that they have a rotating menu and more often then not they don't have anything veggie on there. Sargent got a Cajun halibut sandwich thing. I got potato skins with cheese and broccoli. Not the best ever, but potatoes (on St. Pat's day!) and cheese are BOTH awesome.

We had some beers and talked with the other bar goers. Turns out the dude at the end of the bar was an old The Shop customer! We talked with him for awhile and then went on our merry way. Not an hour after I was back at The Shop, the old customer showed up! I was stoked. I fed him beer and we talked for many hours. He wants to get back into the sport that The Shop supplies. If it wasn't for me slacking off, we wouldn't have pulled him back in as a customer!

Yay me!

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