Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 12 To Do List


I make lists. Lots of lists. I use them to try to battle my horribly crippling procrastination problem. My problem is, I'll make the list, set the list down and then go online. POOF. Six hours gone in an eye blink.

I need to put my list on here! I'm going to write out all the crap that have to accomplish tomorrow before The Man gets home. (I pick him up Saturday night but I won't be home during the day Sat). I will cross them off as I go because that will be WAY more satisfying than just crossing them off on a paper list. Yay internet celebrations!

1 - Exercise (because you haven't the whole time The Man's been gone. You fuckin' slacker face.)

2 - Shower/dress
2.5 - (Shave legs! Yeah. He's been gone for over a week. Clear that shit off.) Edit: I chose to wash my hair over leg-shavage. I'll do that tomorrow morning. =P

3 - Walk dogs

4 - Do Craigslist postings for The Shop

5 - Wash dishes

6 - Recycle cardboard

7 - Make deposit for The Shop Edit: Do on my way out of town tomorrow.
7.5 - (Probably go to Taco Bell. Because seriously, it's right across the street from the bank...) Edit: I stopped at a deli while walking the dogs and got a veggie wrap with hummus, romaine lettuce, red onions, green peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, kalamata olives and sprouts on a garlic & herb tortilla. Healthier AND yummier!!)

8 - Clean under kitchen table (and stop storing shit there)

9 - Sweep kitchen & hallway

10 - Clean bathroom (sink, shower, toilet)

11 - Straighten up living room (all those Coke Zero cans have got to go)

12 - Vacuum living room

13 - Fold/Put away laundry

14 - Iron The Man's shirts

15 - Wash dog beds

16 - Rip new cds

17 - Clean car (ONLY if it's warm out. Eff that if it's even remotely cold.) Edit: It's cold out. OH WELL.

18 - Try really really hard to not eat the half gallon of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.

HOLY CRAP THAT A LOT OF SHIT TO DO. I'm going to go to bed like, now. O_O

(If I accomplish even just half of these things tomorrow I think The Man will TOTALLY owe me because I'm awesome and do these things for him. Because I'm awesome. Did I mention I do crap for him? Yeah, 'cause I'm awesome.)

Yeah, I seem to have accomplished only the not-so-invasive tasks. The Fifth Element sidetracked me for awhile. And Google. Fuck Google. But at least I exercised. And DIDN'T eat the ice cream. Those both make me happy.


  1. Ha ha, you're hilarious!

    I love how trying not to eat the ice cream had it's own entry. :)

  2. Thanks! And I'm excited that I no longer have to think about not eating the ice cream; The Man polished it off last night. Although this means I have to buy more... It never ends!