Saturday, March 13, 2010

Time to turn off Adult Swim and GO TO BED

Here I am NOT asleep. Why is that?

I think I'm excited for The Man to be back home tomorrow (later today). Not so happy that I didn't get more accomplished though. Maybe I should make shorter lists so I don't feel so accomplished after completing a few menial tasks and then get sidetracked by HBO On Demand?

ANYWAYS. I'm starting to get curious about what cool things The Man will bring me. He's really great about bringing things home after trips. I usually get at least one item of jewelry (because he's also, kinda awesome). His favorite thing to give me seems to be broaches. I had never really given much thought to broaches. I'm liking them now. The Man seems to bring out the happy little old lady in me (I now know how to darn socks). Since he forgot his camera I was able to get a picture of the nifty ones that he's given me so far.

He has, uhm, interesting taste. Even if I don't like something I can never tell him. He gets so damn excited. The look on his face when I open them! He's so cute.

He gave me the thistle broach(top right) for my birthday last week. He is very proud of his half-Scottish heritage. Apparently thistle is the national emblem of Scotland. Ahh, I see now. I was confused as to why he gave me an ugly flower broach until I figured that out a few days later. ("It's THISTLE honey!" Yeah, uhm, nice. Thanks?)

...The more I look at that photo, the more I hate it. I NEED A GOOD CAMERA. **Sob** I guess a new broach with do.


  1. I love your turtle broach! It's sweet of him to bring you presents! :)

  2. The turtle broach was a valentines one. =)

    He brought me an awesome gold, plastic and bamboo purse from this trip! I need to get a picture of it up (because it sounds kinda weird in type but it's really all rockabilly fantastic).

  3. I had to google what darning socks was. Learn something new everyday!