Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lebron (You know, as in James...)

I'm going to throttle my sister.

She has brought to my attention a neglected dog who needs help. Dammit me and my friends/families knowledge of my bleeding heart.

Her - "Any way you'd wanna adopt a 3 year old chocolate lab whose owner can't afford to feed him? :( I was going to but my landlord said unfortunetly his insurance doesn't allow dogs... *Sad face sigh*"

Moi - "I wish I could. Little Girl's surgery cost $600. It's going to be awhile before I can talk The Man into another dawg... Forward me a picture and I'll pass it on to my rescue folks."

Her - "Oh.. Well he IS free to a good home. But I definitely will send you a pic. I want him. He's a good pup. :("

Moi - "Little Girl was "free" too... There's always things that come up. Plus, going from feeding 2 small dogs to adding in a large one would significantly increase the food budget. But I'll run it past The Man. What's his name?"

Her - "His name is Lebron. (I know, I didn't like it either...) And I'd have to agree it would be more expensive for food. I just feel so bad for him, cause literally his owner can only afford to feed her toddler daughter, not him. He's so skinny (as you'll see in his picture). My landlord was willing to buy him a huge bag of food every few weeks for me to give them, but they live an hour and 15 minutes away from me. It wouldn't be worth the gas money. Anyways I'll send you the pic, he just needs a home ASAP. ♥ , Me"


I really want to help this dog but I also kind of want The Man to say no. It will be a lot of extra work for me, our place is way too small for three dogs and we're going on vacation soon! I'd hate to bring in a possibly scarred pup and then go away and have to put him in our kennel (not to mention the added $$ that would cost!).

I have a voice mail into The Man, as well as the rescue that we got Stinky from and one other women I know who's involved with rescues.

Would anyone in the Massachusetts/New Hampshire/Maine area like to foster/adopt a lab?

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