Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Someday I shall figure out how to manage my time. Until then I will do woefully short blogs about things that are fantastico.

* I made TWO sets of curtains! One awesome brown and tan, Hawaiian style ones for the living room and one gaudy green and bright pink sparkly flower one for the grandbaby's room. Go me!

* Little Girl passed her evaluation for the doggie daycare/kennel so now I can go on vacation guilt free! Yay! (Though I didn't really have any doubts)

* Tomorrow I'm getting my late birthday present from The Man, a tattoo! I'm starting a half-sleeve. Oooo...

* Part of my tattoo is going to be in memory of my cousin. He died a year ago Thursday. He was 24 and got into a freak motorcycle accident which wasn't his fault and if he had crashed anywhere else he wouldn't have died. =(

* I leave A WEEK from tomorrow for Las Vegas!!! First time ever there and I am STOKED.

* I am now going to bed.


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