Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Life the Yo-Yo

Okay. So. Things are kinda back to normal... Ish.

The Man got home last night basically acting like nothing had happened. A little bit of tippy-toeing around some issues, but acting like he does on any other regular night. I asked for some music and he put on the Conway Twitty album, Someone To Hold Her. The first song's lyrics?

"And she needs someone to hold her when she cries
Someone who really understands the way she feels inside
When her heart breaks the tears won't stop, no matter how she tries
And she needs someone to hold her when she cries"

He didn't pick that album on purpose but I sure as hell pointed out his unconscious choice.

Another breakthrough? Since day 1 he has had me get up in the morning to get him coffee. He said he needs help getting up and going so that he can make money. That's part of my job, get him up and out of the house. The coffee thing has always been an issue for me. I don't even drink it myself. I am NOT a morning person. There's also not a hell of a lot of reason for me to be up before him because I get in his way. When I go to shower, he's trying to get in there for something or vice versa. This morning was the first time he's EVER gotten up to get his own coffee. I was able to stay in bed for an extra half hour (which made a HUGE difference for me). By the time I got up he was already showered and eating breakfast. I packed him lunch, we talked about business a little bit and then he left for the office. This was the first time he's been out of the house before 8 in so long. It was bliss. I was able to finish packing up the final eBay packages I had to send out for The Shop, go to the post office, go to the pet store and hit Sam's Club all before I had to open The Shop at 11. Ridiculous amounts of accomplishment.

And this morning he asked me what tonight was.

"Thursday night?"
"Nope! It's Date Night!"
"Really? Sweet! Oh, wait. I'd don't want to leave Little Girl alone until after her drain is out."
"Okay then. Buy beer and we'll stay in and have a board game night."


I'm not going to worry right now about when the other shoe is going to fall.

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