Monday, February 22, 2010

Good Thoughts Needed to Get Through Today

Of course as soon as I start a blog I get a wicked head cold and had no energy to post for days. I did nothing but lay on the couch with the dogs, watching movies. I should have bought stock in decongestants and tissues.

Feeling a bit better today, which is good. I have too much other things to worry about than the fact that I can't breathe.

Little Girl is under the knife as I type. I'm not nervous of her surgery going bad but I am worried about what her lump is going to end up being. When the vet first looked at her she thought it could be a hernia or a fatty tumor. In the two months since then it's almost doubled in size. I'm terrified that it's a breast tumor.

In September I lost a dog. I had adopted her and knew that she was already 10 years old but I figured that since she was small that she'd be around for at least a couple more years. I was aiming for 14 or so. Just over a year later she started getting sick. It took us two (very expensive) months to find out that she had a brain tumor and there was nothing we could do. We kept her drugged up and comfortable but it got to the point where she couldn't walk or go to the bathroom on her own, so we made the decision to put her to sleep. Two months after that was when Little Girl joined us.

I'm hoping beyond hope that her lump is something benign and/or easily fixable. I don't know that The Man is the kind of guy to go for chemo for a dog. Especially since the last girl cost us so much just a few months ago. He's a champ just for letting me get these unwanted fluff balls in the first place. He keeps saying "Nothing else until we buy a home." and then, "Aw, look Honey! Look how adorable! He/She neeeeeeds a home and a faaaaaamily!"

And heaven forbid if I evoke the name of the grandbaby. "Junior would LOVE him/her!" I'm bad. >=)

Speaking of The Man. His flight arrives at 2pm. I feel guilty. Because of my sickness the house is TRASHED. I'm working on getting up my energy to clean a bit, I'm doing laundry at least. I know how much it sucks to come home to a nasty house but I have a legitimate excuse! In fact, I would call him to leave sniffily, coughy, gravely messages whining that I had no one to make me tea.

Serves him right for going away on business.

Okay, well... Talking about The Man coming home to a nastay house has actually motivated me a bit. Off to do the dishes and... Hmmm... Maybe vacuum? I think I can handle that.

** 5:30pm Update **

Little Girl just arrived home after her "adventure". What's the verdict? The lump was just a massive inguinal hernia! This is the best possibly outcome that could have happened today! That NEVER happens to me. She's obviously way out of it. Between the spaying and the hernia repair she was under anesthesia for 3 hours! That's a lot for a 17 pound critter. The hernia repair left such a large subcutaneous wound that she had to end up with a drain, which we weren't expecting. That should be fun. She'll be getting it out on Friday but until then I get to try to keep her off anything stain-able... OH, and I also had asked them to take a quick look at her teeth because her breath was RANK. Surprise of surprises they found a fractured and rotting tooth in the back of her mouth. They said they probably wouldn't have found it unless she had been asleep. It would have caused some problems later on so it was awesome that we found it today.

So anyways. Good news all around. She's on pain med and antibiotics. Another vet visit on Friday. Need to keep her from moving around much, which won't be easy when all these meds wear off!

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