Friday, February 26, 2010

Here I Am, Rock You Like A Hurricane

Alas, no "date night" last night. The Man ended up working on his laptop while I watched Mooseport (funny!). It was basically like every other night. Except we drank PBR. We only drink on the weekends and when we go out. Since we almost went out, beer!

However last night was crazy in the fact that we got hit with a wicked storm. We've been in this weird warm weather pattern lately. I can't quite remember the last time I had to put on my winter jacket when I went out during the day. And this is NEW ENGLAND in FEBRUARY. The storm last night was still just rain but we also got almost-hurricane-force winds. I was quite nervous.

It's odd. Before the dogs I could have cared less about nasty weather. Thunder, lightening, crazy winds? Whatever. Since I've adopted them however, I seem to have developed some weird energy bond with them. Stinky gets really really nervous during thunder storms. Now I do as well. He hates fireworks. Hey, I do too now! Scary wind? Creep me right the heck out. I had a really hard time falling asleep last night which wasn't helped by Stinky standing outside the bedroom door and whining for, approximately, ever. (The Man refuses to let Stinky in the bedroom because he will whine if kept in a crate, won't stay on a dog bed and tries to push The Man off the bed to share it strictly with me. Booger.)

The storm was just downright narsty. Our neighbor knocked on our door when he was leaving for work (at almost 6am...) to inform us that our fence blew down overnight. While I wasn't too thrilled that I was awoken so early I was actually grateful; four sections of our fence blew down. All of which I can't see from our back door. I don't tend to step outside to go around the corner and scan the perimiter before letting the dogs out, so I would have totally missed the massive gaping holes and Stinky at least, would have been looooooong gone before I noticed anything amiss.

I wonder if/when The Man will be able to fix the fence. It's not the biggest deal ever, but having to bring the dogs out on leashes every time they have to whiz is not something I'm looking forward to long term.

OH. Little Girl update.

We had an appointment to bring her in this morning for a follow up visit. The vet's office had lost it's power because of the storm. Luckily they were able to remove her drain by flashlight regardless. =) They're so good to us there.

Okay, well I think that's it for now. I wonder if I'll get a Date Night tonight?

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