Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happiness is a Warm Stream (of music, people! ew!)

I was SO not prepared for the cold that hit today. Freakin' yuck.

But somehow I'm holding on to my happy feelings. I hadn't yet put my space heater in storage so I'm fairly warm while working on The Shop's website. I splurged at the supermarket yesterday and got myself some brown rice sushi, yay veggie rolls! I've also got WFNX streaming. THE BEST radio station. It's out of Boston and it's one of the top things I miss about living there. That and the ability to get chinese food after closing the baahs. And public transpo home. =)

ANYWAYS. So that's it. The weather's crappy but it hasn't affected my mood. That makes me even happier.

EDIT: I was just thinking about it... Part of my good mood today may be the giant bottle of chardonnay that's waiting for me at home. =P

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