Sunday, June 27, 2010

He Helps?

Dear The Man,

It's been a month since you've gotten rid of your office in town and starting working out of the house. I appreciate that you want to try to help out more since you're home all the time... But uhm... Yeah. It's really not working for me.

You've started trying to do some of the laundry. I really don't mind doing the laundry, but if it's something you think you can handle...

Did you know that doing the laundry is not just putting dirty clothes into the washer, moving the wet clothes into the dryer and then plopping the entire load unfolded onto the spare bed?

Oh, and the dryer? Throw a sheet in there once in awhile.

When I do the wash, I throw in both of our clothes. I don't go in the hamper and pick out my tee-shirts, socks and undies. I throw yours in there too.

OH. And my nice bras? They don't go in the wash! I'll hand wash them later. The more you mangle them, the more you'll have to buy me. =P

The kitchen. **Sigh**

Have you seen that we have both a trash can AND a recycle bin? Garbage goes in the trash can and recycling (newspapers, magazines, cereal boxes, glass jars, aluminum cans) goes INTO the recycling bin. It's just more work for me when you bring over some stuff for recycling and put it on the floor next to the bin. What is that even about?

Did you know that toast crumbs can be swept into your hand and put in the trash can?

Cereal bowls should be moved from your desk into the kitchen sink.

CDs can be put back in their cases. I KNOW. Amazing.

And lastly, when I get home from The Shop... The dogs ARE going to bark. They're excited. They haven't hung out together all day. I WILL make noise in the kitchen when I'm making dinner. I WILL sometimes open a bottle of wine before you're officially done working.

Need that quiet environment? Go back to town.


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  1. Hilarious! I've "given" some chores to Danny that I never pester him about (as in, doing right or wrong), but time and time and TIME again, he gets into the laundry. I've yelled at him, told him 1000 different ways why I would just rather do it myself, but the poor guy keeps trying. I'd think it was cute if my nice underwear wasn't being thrown in with fuzzy sweaters. OI!